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DateFeb 16, 2019
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Advance SAS

Section 1Subset and Control Statements
Lecture 5Using Select & Case Statement
Section 2Loop
Lecture 6Do Loop Statement
Lecture 7Nested Loop Statement
Lecture 8Conditional Loop
Lecture 9While & Until
Lecture 10Leave & Continue
Section Quiz
Section 3Array
Lecture 11Simple Array
Lecture 12Array with Dim Statement
Lecture 13Lower and Upper Bound Array
Lecture 14One Dimensional Array
Lecture 15Two Dimensional Array
Section Quiz
Section 4Match Merging
Lecture 16Append using Data Steps
Lecture 17Interleave
Lecture 18Concatenation
Lecture 19Inner Join using Data Steps
Lecture 20Outer Join using Data Steps
Lecture 21Full Join using Data Steps
Lecture 22Anti Join using Data Steps
Section Quiz
Section 5PROC SQL
Lecture 23Basic SQL Statements
Lecture 24Full Join
Lecture 25Inner Join
Lecture 26Outer Join
Lecture 27Anti Join
Section Quiz
Section 6Macro
Lecture 28Rules to create Macro
Lecture 29Compilation of Programms
Lecture 30Creating Macro Variables
Lecture 31Call Symput and Call Symget Methods
Lecture 32Debugging Options
Lecture 33Saving Macro Permanently
Final Quiz