Instructorstat mat
TypeOnline Course
DateFeb 16, 2019
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Section 1Data Understanding
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Basic Statistics
Lecture 3Application of Mean, Median and Mode
Lecture 4Data Distribution
Section 2Data Preparation
Lecture 5Missing Value Treatment
Lecture 6Outlier Treatmeent
Lecture 7Hypothesis Testing
Lecture 8Univariate Analysis
Section Quiz
Section 3T-test
Lecture 9One Sample T-Test
Lecture 10Two Sample T-Test
Lecture 11Paired T-Test
Section Quiz
Section 4Correlation
Lecture 12Pearson Correlation
Lecture 13Spearman Correlation
Section Quiz
Section 5CHI-Square
Lecture 14Rules to Apply Chi-Square
Lecture 15Association Test
Lecture 16Goodness of Fit
Lecture 17Data Distribution
Section Quiz
Section 6ANOVA
Lecture 18One Way Anova
Lecture 19Two Way ANOVA
Lecture 20Multivariate ANOVA
Section 7Linear Regression
Lecture 21Assumptions
Lecture 22Business Case
Lecture 23Statistical Analysis Plan
Lecture 24Output Interpretation
Lecture 25Validation and Scoring
Section 8Logistic Regression
Lecture 26Assumptions
Lecture 27Business Case
Lecture 28Variable Selection Method
Lecture 29Validation
Lecture 30Scoring
Section 9Cluster Analysis
Lecture 31Hierarichal Clustering
Lecture 32K-Means Clustering
Section 10Time Series
Lecture 33Components of Time Series
Lecture 34Forecasting using ARIMA
Final Quiz