Instructorstat mat
TypeOnline Course
DateFeb 16, 2019
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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Data Understanding
Lecture 2SPSS Environment
Lecture 3Data Structure
Lecture 4Variables and Labels
Section 2Data Files & Editor
Lecture 5Menu
Lecture 6Import & Export
Lecture 7Cases and Variables View
Section 3Data Preparation
Lecture 8Variable and Properties
Lecture 9Computing Variables
Lecture 10Sort & Select
Lecture 11Transpose and Aggregate
Section 4Transformation
Lecture 12Transform Variables
Lecture 13Missing Values
Lecture 14Prepare Data for Model
Section 5Descriptive Analysis
Lecture 15Summary
Lecture 16Frequency & Cross Tables
Lecture 17Statistical Calculations
Lecture 18Chart & Graphs
Section 6Merging
Lecture 19Append the Data
Lecture 20Merge the Data