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TypeOnline Course
DateFeb 16, 2019
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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Installation of R
Lecture 2Getting Started with Libraries
Lecture 3Vector
Lecture 4List
Lecture 5Matrices
Lecture 6Dataframe
Section 2Getting Data in R
Lecture 7Data Types
Lecture 8Subsetting
Lecture 9Writing Data
Lecture 10Reading data from different files
Section 3Functions
Lecture 11Numeric Functions
Lecture 12Charachter Functions
Lecture 13Date Functions
Section 4Subset
Lecture 14Dplyr Package
Lecture 15Control Statement
Section 5Loop
Lecture 16Do Loop
Lecture 17While and Until
Lecture 18Break and Continue
Section 6Reports and Dashboard
Lecture 19Charts, Histograms and Plots
Lecture 20Plotting Functions and Libraries
Section 7Basic Statistics
Lecture 21Measure of Central Tendency
Lecture 22Hypothesis Testing
Lecture 23T-Test
Lecture 24ANOVA
Lecture 25CHI-Square
Lecture 26Correlation
Section 8Statistical Techniques
Lecture 27Linear Regression
Lecture 28Logistic Regression
Lecture 29Cluster Analysis
Lecture 30Time Series
Lecture 31Decision Tree
Lecture 32Random Forest