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DateFeb 16, 2019
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Data Science Tutorials

Section 1SAS Programming
Lecture 2Getting Data in SAS-30 Mnts
Lecture 3Formats and Functions
Lecture 4Subsetting and Loops
Lecture 5PROC SQL
Lecture 6Macros
Section 2R Programming
Lecture 7Introduction
Lecture 8Getting Data from Different Sources
Lecture 9Functions
Lecture 10Data Transformation
Lecture 11Restructuring
Lecture 12Looping
Lecture 13Graphics
Section 3Analytics with SAS+R
Lecture 14Basic Statistics
Lecture 15Hyopthesis Testing
Lecture 16T-Test
Lecture 17ANOVA
Lecture 18Linear Regression
Lecture 19Logistic Regression
Lecture 20Cluster Analysis
Lecture 21Time Series
Lecture 22Random Forest
Lecture 23Sentimental Analysis