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TypeOnline Course
DateMar 20, 2019
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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Application of Machine LearningFree Preview
Lecture 2Installation of Python
Lecture 3Introduction of Python
Section 2Control Flow
Lecture 4If-THEN-ELSE
Lecture 5Loop with For and While
Lecture 6Break and Continue Statement
Lecture 7Range () Function
Section Quiz
Section 3Functions
Lecture 8User Defined and System Functions
Lecture 9Functions Argument and List
Lecture 10Lambda Expression
Lecture 11Functions Annotation
Section Quiz
Section 4Data Structure
Lecture 12Linear Structure
Lecture 13Qeue, Stack and Deque Interfaces
Lecture 14List, Uset and SSet Interfaces
Lecture 15Tuples & Ranges
Lecture 16Strings
Section Quiz
Section 5Classes
Lecture 17Names and Objects
Lecture 18Scopes and Namespaces
Lecture 19Classes and Variables
Lecture 20Odds and Ends
Section Quiz
Section 6Exceptional Handling
Lecture 21File Handling
Lecture 22File Operations
Lecture 23Dealing with Errors
Lecture 24Importing Modules
Section 7Machine Learning Techniques
Lecture 25Regression
Lecture 26Polynomial Regression
Lecture 27Support Vector Machine
Lecture 28Random Forest
Lecture 29Decision Tree
Lecture 30Logistic Regression
Lecture 31Cluster Analysis
Lecture 32Natural Language Processing
Lecture 33Artificial Neural Networking
Final Quiz