Instructorstat mat
TypeOnline Course
DateFeb 16, 2019
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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Prepare files
Section 2Connecting to your Data
Lecture 3Deep Dive into Tableau
Lecture 4Getting Data from different Sources
Lecture 5Tableau Joins
Lecture 6MetaData
Lecture 7Data Blening
Lecture 8Hierarchy and Groups
Section Quiz
Section 3Visualization
Lecture 9Dual Axis Graphs
Lecture 10Histogram
Lecture 11Pareto Chart
Lecture 12Motion Chart
Lecture 13Box Plot
Lecture 14Funnel Chart
Lecture 15Waterfall Charts
Section Quiz
Section 4Maps and Images
Lecture 16Maps in Tableau
Lecture 17Advance Maps
Lecture 18Polygon Maps
Lecture 19Geocoding
Section Quiz
Section 5Analyzing the Data
Lecture 20Parameters
Lecture 21Sorting
Lecture 22Filteration
Lecture 23Data blending
Lecture 24Dashboard Filter
Lecture 25Sets
Lecture 26Grouping
Lecture 27Analytics Dashboard
Section Quiz
Section 6Calculation
Lecture 28Numeric Calculations
Lecture 29String Calculations
Lecture 30Date Calculations
Lecture 31User Defined Calculations
Lecture 32Logical Calculations
Section 7Statistics
Lecture 33Control Charts
Lecture 34Statistical Measures
Lecture 35Box Plots
Lecture 36Trend Lines
Lecture 37Forecasting
Lecture 38K-Means Clustering
Lecture 39Integration with R
Section 8Dashboard and Stories
Lecture 40Dashboard
Lecture 41Story Points
Final Quiz