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SSRS Training

SSRS Training

Get trained in SQL Server and gain the skills needed to unite the power of the cloud with the demand for deeper insight into customer data. These courses also prepare you for certification on Microsoft SQL Server.


Developing SSRS Reports

Topic 1: Creating SSRS Projects and Reports in BIDS
1. Understanding the SSRS Report Templates
2. Using the Report Wizard
3. Modifying Project Properties
4. Modifying Report-Level Properties
5. Developing Report Objects with the Report Designer
6. Adding Report Objects to a Report
Topic 2: Creating a Dataset from a Data Source
1. Creating a New Report Dataset
2. Working with an SSAS-Based Dataset
3. Practice: Creating Report Datasets
Topic 3: Working with Advanced Report Object Properties
1. Toggling Object Visibility
2. Defining Report Actions
Topic 4: Applying Dataset Filters and Groups
1. Assigning Datasets to Data Regions
2. Applying Filters, Groups, and Sorts to Data Regions
3. Applying Aggregates to Data Regions
4. Practice: Creating Advanced Data Regions

Extending and Deploying SSRS Reports

Topic 1: Assigning Parameters Within Reports
1. Creating Parameters in Report Datasets
2. Exposing Parameters to Users
3. Binding Datasets to Parameters
4. Using Multivalued Parameters
5. Working with Parameter Defaults
6. Working with Parameters in URLs
Topic 2: Using Expressions to Perform Advanced Report Item Formatting
1. Extending Report Properties by Using Expressions
2. Using the Element in a Report
3. Extending SSRS with Custom Assemblies
4. Creating a Custom Assembly
Topic 3: Deploying New Reports and Changes
1. Configuring Report Deployment Properties in BIDS
2. Deploying and Redeploying Reports in BIDS
3. Uploading a Report File in Report Manager
4. Deploying Report Builder Models and Reports

Scheduling and Securing Deployed Reports and Data Sources

Topic 1: Creating Report Schedules and Subscriptions
1. Creating Shared Schedules
2. Defining a Report-Specific Schedule
3. Applying a Subscription to a Report
4. Defining Data-Driven Subscriptions and Rendering Formats
5. Creating Data-Driven Subscriptions
6. Specifying the Subscription Delivery Format and Location

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