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DateJan 19, 2018
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SAS is also known as Statistical Analysis System. It is a group of software products collected together and offered as a solution by the SAS institute. Lending the user the ability to perform an array of tasks related to business administration and functioning.

Scope of the program

Programs will helps student to understand and write the basic SAS programming to handle simple data.

  • Basic SAS
  • SAS Procedures
  • SAS Graphs

This course will help the audience to learn the Base SAS very quickly. We have added quizzes after each section to make your learning interactive. If you would like to go for instructor led BASE+Advance SAS course then kindly book our SAS course.

Section 1Introduction
Lecture 2Create Temporary DatasetFree Preview
Lecture 4Handling Missing Values
Section Quiz
Section 2Method of Getting Data in SAS
Lecture 5Data from Excel/CSV Files
Lecture 6Data from Text file
Section 3Input Methods
Lecture 7List Input
Lecture 8Column Input
Lecture 9Format Input
Section 4Infile Statement and Options
Lecture 10Handle Delimiters
Lecture 11Handle Missing Values
Lecture 12Handle Truncated Values
Lecture 13Choosing Observations
Section 5SAS Functions
Lecture 14Numeric Functions
Lecture 15Character Functions
Lecture 16Date Functions
Section 6SAS Formats
Lecture 17Character Formats
Lecture 18Numeric Formats
Lecture 19Date Formats
Section 7SAS Procedures
Lecture 20Reporting Procedures
Lecture 21Append the Data
Lecture 22Sort the Data
Lecture 23Statistical Procedures