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TypeOnline Course
DateJan 19, 2018
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SPSS  (earlier named as “Statistical Package for Social Science”)

SPSS or Statistical Package for the Social Sciences is a statistical analysis solution that aids data management and its easy representation in a graphical environment using report charts, distribution plots, and trends. This solution enables you to extract data from different file types and perform complex statistical analysis.

Course Objective

This program aims to train participants and develop their skills in handling data collection, data management, and data analysis using various applications. It is our endeavour at to ensure that once sufficiently trained participants can get high paying jobs such as those of market analysts, data miners and market researchers.


  • Create data entry templates
  • Use tables graphs and charts in SPSS
  • Understand job related SPSS data understanding

Who Should Enroll

This program is apt for students interested in making a career in SPSS and also for researchers, experts into monitoring and evaluation, MDAs, as well as, NGOs, International Organizations and policy makers.


Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Data Understanding
Lecture 2SPSS Environment
Lecture 3Data Structure
Lecture 4Variables and Labels
Section 2Data Files & Editor
Lecture 5Menu
Lecture 6Import & Export
Lecture 7Cases and Variables View
Section 3Data Preparation
Lecture 8Variable and Properties
Lecture 9Computing Variables
Lecture 10Sort & Select
Lecture 11Transpose and Aggregate
Section 4Transformation
Lecture 12Transform Variables
Lecture 13Missing Values
Lecture 14Prepare Data for Model
Section 5Descriptive Analysis
Lecture 15Summary
Lecture 16Frequency & Cross Tables
Lecture 17Statistical Calculations
Lecture 18Chart & Graphs
Section 6Merging
Lecture 19Append the Data
Lecture 20Merge the Data